Aurifil September Challenge

Aurifil September Challenge

Hello one and all!

In honour of the Aurifil Artisan challenges I have dusted off my blog writing skills and delved back into long form posts.  There is just too much to say for one Insta post!

For the September challenge we were asked to use our cross stitch or embroidery skills to create something using 12wt threads.  Now 12wt is a thread I wouldn't use often.  And seeing that part of the reason I wanted to become an Aurifil Artisan was to extend my knowledge of threads, I was diving right in!  

And then we come to the cross stitch and embroidery, well I have never embroidered and I can't remember the last time I cross stitched anything!  Challenge accepted!

To reduce my apprehension about using a completely different approach and materials I chose to follow a pattern.  Which for the most most part I did, well the first bit any way...  I chose a pattern by an Italian designer Futska which would allow me to experiment with using single and double threads to create depth and texture.

The thread colours I chose were similar to the original design: Aurifil 12 wt - 1125, 2325, 5022, 2132 on a 14 count fabric. The 14 count allowed me to comfortably use a double thread for the grid outlines and in fill in sections. 

         Aurifil ThreadAurifil thread September challenge  by Lucy Engels  

I began stitching the design from the middle outwards and quickly realised my measurements were a bit off when I attached the 10" hoop. I had stitched too close to one edge of the fabric..  Undeterred I had the bright idea of filling the entire hoop thus making the off centre slightly less obvious.  That and I was really enjoying the process of some slow stitching.  

I stitched without using the hoop as I found this more manageable but was careful not to stretch out the fabric as I progressed.   

          Cross stitch design by Futska. Stitched by lucy Engekls in aurifil threadCross stitch out of hoop Aurifil artisan challenge

I love the texture and depth that was created using the single and double strands whilst leaving sections of the fabric bare.  12wt was the perfect choice for this project and it was easy to keep a regular tension whilst stitching. The subtle shift between the Tarnished Gold 2132 and Mustard 5022 was exactly what I was after.  Whilst having pops of Medium Teal 1125 on a the regular stitched frame of Linen 2325.          

          Aurifil artisan Cross stitch in hoop by Lucy EngelsClose up of cross stitch

This certainly won't be my last cross stitch project as I really enjoyed the change of stitching pace.  I still have a few little sections around the edge to fill in.  But not too much. I quite like the irregular edges.  For all intents and purposes this piece is done!

                  Completed cross stitch hoop 10" Geometric design by Futska. Stitched by Lucy Engels in Aurifil Thread. 

Do let me know your thoughts, if any, in the comments and if you have any questions ask away!

* I have added the hoops and the cross stitch fabric I used in this project to my supply store *


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