Week 1 (Part II) : Broken Stones SAL

Week 1 (Part II) : Broken Stones SAL

It's the second half of week 1 and we are cutting and sewing up our corner blocks. Depending on which version you are making this can be an easy chain piecing exercise or one that you need to pay attention to.  In version 1 the corner blocks are all the same.  In version 2 or if you are following version 3 here on the blog the corners are different.

I posted a short video on Instagram stories which is saved to the highlight showing you how I arrange my fabric pieces when sewing the corners so I don't get mixed up.  You can see that in the Broken Stones highlight on my Instagram profile HERE.


Tips for cutting and sewing blocks:

  • starch your fabric before cutting
  • press you seams open to reduce seam bulk
  • label your fabric pieces if you find it easier to keep you right

I have had a few messages from sew along participants concerned that their work schedule/ commitments won't allow them to post to Instagram twice a week.  Don't worry!  I have structured the sew along to be dipped in and out of as time allows with no strict deadlines.  The only posting requirement will be to post your quilt top at the end of week 4 for the prize giving.  However in this time of isolation it would be lovely to connect with others.  So if you can post your progress under the hashtag #brokenstonessal please do, if not that's totally ok.  Just enjoy the process!

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