Go Quilt

Go Quilt

It's Go Quilt launch day!!!

I love this quilt.  Not only does it tick all my bold geometric boxes but it is super satisfying to make.  Beginner friendly, the Go Quilt is perfect for chain piecing and getting into some rhythmic sewing.  Whether you stick to a minimal palette or go full on scrappy you will love the finished quilt.

Go quilt  

I wanted to share with you some tips and ideas for choosing your fabric palette. The possibilities are endless to be honest as you could have every row a different colour for every block!  But if you want to emulate the look of my original Go Quilt here is a formula of sorts that can assist. Its all about grouping contrasting colour families.

The original version of Go is made using a light tone background, a mid tone main colour, a dark tone and two accent colours.  The light I chose was a neutral with a mid blue main colour and dark blue.  Then I used red and orange as the accent colours to contrast.  So, neutral, mid and dark of one colour and two mid tone contrasting colours of the same colour family. You can stick to this formula using different colour pairings and will achieve a satisfactory result.

In the two red / peach versions below I used a warm gradient and switched up what would be the dark tone fabric in the pattern.  I used a bright pink on the left and a royal blue on the right.  Even though the royal blue is a mid tone it pops because it contrasts with the reds and peach.  The bright pink on the left gives a softer flow to the quilt top as pink and red are close to each other in colour. The pink is different enough to notice but does not give the pop of the blue.  So using a gradient of colours with one contrasting or different enough colour to create interest.  

       Go Quilt Pink by Lucy EngelsGo Quilt Peach by Lucy Engels

It is also possible to create this quilt using four colours if you want to limit your palette further.  The blue and monochrome version of the Go Quilt uses only four fabric colours. Additional dark tone has been used to replace an accent colour. Four would be the minimum amount of colours I would use in this quilt to be able to separate each row and contrast successfully. 

         Go Quilt Blue by Lucy EngelsGo Quilt Monochrome by Lucy Engels

Of course when it comes to adding colour you can go wild!  There are lots of pieces in this quilt that you could add a contrasting pop here or there or by extending your colour gradient.  

Each row could be a different colour, you could go from light to dark tones, you could go monochrome with pops of primary colours.  The possibilities are endless if you take a scrappy-ish approach.  

My testers Katie, Christine and Isabel did a fabulous job of making this quilt their own. (Photos are linked to their Instagram accounts)

         Kate Makes Creates Go Quilt Pattern by Lucy Engels     Lopoloko Go Quilt Pattern by Lucy Engels

                                       Scrappy Go Quilt   

                                              How will you make yours?

                             The Go Quilt pattern is available in my shop now. 

Fabric requirements for Go are outlined below.  If you want a hand with fabric selection just drop me an email at info@lucyengels.com and I will be happy to help. I'm always up for a chat about colour!


Go Quilt Fabric Requirements



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