Now Quilt Pattern - All the details

Now Quilt Pattern - All the details

 Now Quilt Pattern is available now

'Now' is the ninth Lucy Engels quilt pattern and the second in the Woven series. I was inspired to create this quilt as a follow on from my Go Quilt Pattern .  Now, as well as taking influence from vintage woven textiles includes a nod to knitwear, Fair Isle to be exact.  As someone who is Scottish and was in the past very into knitting I wanted to add in an element that reflected this.  And so the chevron was worked into the design.  

Now Quilt ten colour quilt top by Lucy Engels.  Brightly coloured graphic quilt top.

Now is designed to utilise small individual pieces of fabric rather than big strips.  This not only makes the quilt an excellent scrap busting pattern but goes some way to retain a woven aesthetic.  This quilt is not about being a fast finish and racing to get it done.  Quilt making in my eyes is about slowing down and taking time to think, process and enjoy the act of making.  I am going to take the time to hand quilt the ten colour Now Quilt top to add an extra layer of texture.  It will take a while but it will be worth it. 

Now quilt top on ladder with five colour version on wall behind

Now is designed in two different colour layouts, five and ten colour.   Step by step instructions are provided in the pattern for both options. With the five colour you will create a bold quilt with a more prominent background colour.  This option allows for a paired back colour palette with pops of interest and is closer to the original Go Quilt. The ten colour option pushes the use of colour.  Colour is used more equally over the quilt top and creates a busier quilt reminiscent of a busy knitwear design.  For the ten colour Now Quilt option I was influenced by the colour palette I used for Go Quilt that I made during the Go Quilt sew along in 2019.

Go Quilt by lucy engels sew along quilt, brightly coloured quilt hanging on a gate

close up of the now quilt - lucy engels

 Like the Go Quilt, Now is built from a series of rows made up of blocks.  This means that the rows can be sewn together in any order you like.  Also as an added bonus you can mix and match both the Go and Now rows together to create a whole new quilt layout, a GoNow quilt. 

GoNow quilton studio floor lucy engels 2021

 It is important to me that you create a quilt that is something you love and is unique to you.  I believe that everyone is capable of thinking for themselves and making design decisions.  My quilt patterns are a jumping off point for your creativity.  Switch up the colour palette, repeat and change the order of the rows, create something just for you.  

Now quilt rows hanging on a white wall - lucy engels

On that note the Now Quilt sew along begins on 1st September and will run until the 23rd October.  Each week we will sew a row together.  I will send out a weekly email and will be posting videos in my new private Facebook group where I will also be available to answer any of your questions.

As an added optional challenge in this sew along you will be able to make a GoNow Quilt instead of sticking strictly to the Now pattern. I will be making a Now Quilt and a GoNow quilt combining both the Go and Now quilt pattern rows throughout the sew along.  So if that tickles your fancy jump on board. You can sign up for the Now Quilt Sew Along HERE.

The Now Quilt pattern is available in my online shop as is kits for the cover quilt ten colour version using Dashwood Pop Solids.  This is the first time I have used Pop Solids and so far so good.  They have a decent range of solid colours which are vibrant and easy to sew with.  

Front page of Now quilt pattern by Lucy Engels

Back page fabric requirements Now Quilt Pattern by Lucy Engels

Now quilt has been labelled as advanced beginner.  This is due to the chevrons within the pattern.  It requires accurate piecing skills and being able to sew with a consistent scant 1\4” seam.  Overall the pattern is not difficult as it repeats blocks.  It just requires a bit of focus. And without the chevron rows it would have been a beginner pattern like the Go.  So if you have a few quilts under your belt it is a nice skill builder and a progression from the Go Quilt.

All PDF digital and paper patterns are 20% off through until 31st August. 

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