Lucy Engels. Modern Quilter and Visual Artist, Based in Edinburgh

Hi, Lucy here!

I create quilt patterns and handprint fabric for people like you looking to push creative boundaries and take risks with your creations. 

Lucy Engels

Do you remember the feeling you had when you successfully finished your first quilt? That feeling of accomplishment, achievement and pride in creating something from small pieces of fabric. There’s nothing quite like it, is there?

Maybe you’ve never really considered yourself a creative person until you started quilting. But now you are obsessed, I’m betting you’re brimming with ideas that you can’t wait to bring to reality.

As a new quilter, or even as someone with more experience, you might find the most challenging part is coming up with ideas for new designs. You know you love bold colours and patterns, but you just need a little help to steer you towards your next pieces.

Well, that’s where I come in!

As an artist, I’ve been creating visual pieces for years and I am excited to bring everything I’ve learned and discovered along the way to you. I’m here to help guide you into this world of quilting that I know you’ve become smitten with. 

I create unique, modern quilt patterns that coax out your inner artist by allowing you to put your own personality and stamp on what you’re making. This isn’t quilting by numbers. You don’t have to follow what I do to the letter. Consider it more as a map to guide you towards creating a stunning piece of art that you can curl up under when it’s done. 

Ready to create your next beautiful quilt?


“Bought a pattern as part of a sew-along with one of my friends. Super simple to follow, and it’s yielding really awesome results!”

A bit more about me..

With a background in Fine Art and a BA (Hons) in Printmaking from Grays School of Art, I’ve always been creative. But the real world beckoned, and so I side-stepped into the world of social work, where I spent a good decade of my life. The realisation that I didn’t really want to do social work anymore coincided with a move back to Edinburgh for my partner’s work. I knew then that was my opportunity to step back into my artist shoes. And I haven’t looked back!

You may wonder how a printmaker moves into quilting, but I like to think the two mediums share a similar aesthetic. Also, once you start quilting you can't stop, right?

My artistic background means I bring all kinds of knowledge, skills and inspiration to the quilts and patterns I create. I find myself heavily influenced by music and what’s going on around me, and this spills out into the pieces I make and the patterns I share with you. 

As well as patterns, I create functional quilts and wall quilts for display. I also design and screen print limited edition fabric collections and works on paper when I get a chance.

I’ve previously collaborated and partnered with industry leaders such as JanomeUK, Aurifil Thread, FIGO Fabrics, Oakshott Fabrics, Purl Soho, and RJR Fabrics. I also teach online workshops to individuals, groups, guilds and more, as well as in-person workshops in my Edinburgh studio (when it’s safe to do so!). 

You may have seen some of my work exhibited at QuiltCon 2018/20/21, and I was incredibly honoured to win an award in 2021 in the appliqué category for my Naive Melody Quilt. 

If you’d like to get in touch to discuss a commission, collaboration, pattern wholesale, or just to say hi, you can email me at info@lucyengels.com

But if you want to tackle a pattern for yourself, head to the shop!