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Lucy Engels

Tiny Print No.38 - Christmas cake

Tiny Print No.38 - Christmas cake

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Back in 2017 I took part in the #100dayproject after a couple of false starts over the years I settled on a project that took less than 10 minutes a day. One I could actually finish, was repetitive and straightforward. And that used only one technique. I chose printing using lino on A6 paper. My art degree specialised in printmaking so this was a nice little refresher into the printmaking process and mark making exploration. ⁠

Each tiny print was immediate, unplanned and numbered which corresponded with some Bingo Lingo. Why? Because it's fun. So we had legs eleven, keys to the door, two little ducks and many more bingo calls that I had never heard of. ⁠

As we went along tiny prints were claimed and at the end of the hundred days they flew off to their new homes. Leaving behind roughly forty tiny prints which were put in a box until now.

Printed on 300gsm Arches.  Prints are unframed and unmounted. 

Each print measures:  10 x 15 cm / 4 x 6"

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