Week 2 (Part II):  There are two ways to press a seam. Broken Stones SAL

Week 2 (Part II): There are two ways to press a seam. Broken Stones SAL

For the second part of the week we are putting together the centre of our blocks.  This is a relatively simple block to sew up so I thought we could chat pressing seams.  There are two ways this can be done.  The salient points of each are listed below.


  • A bit fiddlier than to the side and takes a bit more time to press.
  • Seams fit together every time.
  • Gives a smoother finish to your quilt top.

To the side:

  • Faster to press but you have to make sure you are pressing in the right direction (alternate) to allow nesting.
  • Adds bulk to the seam which is apparent when quilted densely. 

How you press is up to you but if you want to experiment with both techniques this is a nice easy block to test each out on.

I have added to the Broken Stones Quilt SAL Instagram Highlight if you would like a visual of the different seams, click HERE.  

If you would like to join the sew along and still need your Broken Stones PDF pattern you can get it HERE.

Share your progress on Instagram using the hashtag #brokenstonessal

A reminder of the Prizes:

 In week 4, 26th April, I will pick one winner at random.  The prize is as follows:

  • A Full Introduction to Visible Mending Workshop from @visible_creative_mending delivered through a combination of PDF's and video links. - Flora Collingwood-Norris
  • A PDF pattern of your choice from @charmaboutyou - Lucy Brennan
  • A hot off the press PDF copy of the 'Common Ground Quilt' pattern from @3rdstoryworkshop -Andrea Tsang Jackson
  • And a £50 gift card for my own online shop.

Flora Collingwood-Norris 

Lucy Brennan

Andrea Tsang Jackson

To be eligible to win: post your completed Broken Stones Quilt top on Instagram using the hashtag #brokenstonessal before the 25th April.  The prize winner will be drawn and announced on the 26th April.   

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