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Naive Melody: The Lockdown Quilt

I'm delighted to be introducing Naive Melody.  A quilt that has been in the making since April this year and throughout the whole of lockdown.  It really became a labour of love with all the emotions of lockdown being stitched into it on a daily basis.   Naive Melody is made up of 100 blocks and was created initially as part of the 100 Day Project 2020 where I decided I wanted to improve my needle turn appliqué skills.  Inspiration was taken from the Tiny Prints.  My 2017 100 Day Project.  This germ of an idea had clearly been brewing for a long time!  And lockdown give me the opportunity, and time, to stitch a quilt with the majority being...

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Week 2 (Part II): There are two ways to press a seam. Broken Stones SAL

For the second part of the week we are putting together the centre of our blocks.  This is a relatively simple block to sew up so I thought we could chat pressing seams.  There are two ways this can be done.  The salient points of each are listed below. Open: A bit fiddlier than to the side and takes a bit more time to press. Seams fit together every time. Gives a smoother finish to your quilt top. To the side: Faster to press but you have to make sure you are pressing in the right direction (alternate) to allow nesting. Adds bulk to the seam which is apparent when quilted densely.  How you press is up to you but...

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Week 2 (Part I): Broken Stones SAL & Prizes

To begin this week we are making Flying Geese using the no waste method.   This method makes four at a time and saves quite a bit more wastage rather than the traditional method.   And read on for the prize announcement. Oooh!  I have teamed up with three wonderfully talented creatives to put together a virtual prize package for the prize giving in Week 4. Flying Geese: For the first part of this weeks sewing we are making the middle side blocks which consist of flying geese and an additional cut piece.   I have saved a video to the Broken Stones Instagram story highlight  about making the flying geese using the no waste method. View it HERE.  You...

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Week 1 (Part II) : Broken Stones SAL

It's the second half of week 1 and we are cutting and sewing up our corner blocks. Depending on which version you are making this can be an easy chain piecing exercise or one that you need to pay attention to.  In version 1 the corner blocks are all the same.  In version 2 or if you are following version 3 here on the blog the corners are different. I posted a short video on Instagram stories which is saved to the highlight showing you how I arrange my fabric pieces when sewing the corners so I don't get mixed up.  You can see that in the Broken Stones highlight on my Instagram profile HERE.    Tips for cutting and...

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